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“After 15 years working with small businesses in the digital world,  my goal over the next 5 years is to assist one million businesses in realizing their full potential online
By creating online systems that revolutionize the way businesses operate with powerful easy to manage features, my goal is to give these businesses more power than the best online marketers without the headaches from overwhelming technology.
Today we introduce Project33. The first of many platforms and solutions we will be releasing in the coming two years. It’s a limited edition project available to the first 33 customers ONLY! We are selling this entire platform for a flat rate for life. No hype, no bullsh#$,  no internet marketer crap. Just the most advanced system on the market bar none. Thiers to use forever. With our support to build an amazing online business.
We will take all the experience and feedback from working closely with these lucky 33 businesses to implement the systems we will need to grow a client base into the millions.
I invite you to join this journey with us, we will look back on your system as one of the ambassadors that helped shaped the way the world works online.
Andrew J Wickham
Founder & CEO | Dotcom Disruptors

Your Ecosystem Is Ready.
We have Built Everything You See On This Page Into one Easy To Manage Business Center. Training And Support Included We Will Make Sure You’re setup to WIN!


your website

Click Funnels Cost Per Month Basic = $97.00USD
Project33 Cost Per Month Pro =$0.00 USD P/M


your e-commerce

What e-commerce system is best suited to your business and how do you even use it?


Your Courses

I want to sell courses online, how do I even do that? Can I have it on my own website?


Your Automation

I get that email automation is valuable but what company should I go with and how do I set it up?


Your Affiliates

How do I setup my own affiliate tracking system? Should I use a 3rd party or can I have my own?


Your analytics

How do I use all these numbers to make my business better? It doesn’t make any sense


Project33 is a limited opportunity for only 33 businesses. We are doing this to help 33 businesses set up amazing online businesses to become our foundation ambassadors and raving fans.

We are going to collect feedback and information we need to continually develop and create more awesome features that you will be able to access free for life. (We don’t like hype, in fact, we hate it .. It’s really limited to the first 33)

You will have lifetime access to your platform for the base rate of only $3300AUD or two monthly payments of $1650 AUD


  • Website

  • E-Commerce

  • LMS

  • Affiliate Manager

  • Automation Integration

  • Analytics


  • System Tutorials and Courses

  • Designer Sales Funnels

  • Plugin and Feature Updates

  • Members Community Forum

  • System Updates


  • Step By Step Guides & Tutorials

  • 33 Day Business Development Plan

  • Support From Industry Proffesionals

  • Do It With You Bots To Guide Each Step

  • End To End Online Business 


  • Tech support to launch new site

  • Hosting options available or your host

  • System monitoring 24/7 and Backup Service


“AJ from Dotcom Disruptors I have to say built my brand and he did it nearly instantly. He took over my digital work and has revolutionised my business.  I had engaged other companies for SEO and other marketing and nothing worked. AJ took over and built me a marketing funnel that has worked so well I receive warm leads that convert directly to sales, its so effective my average transaction value has tripled. He gets results like no body else” 

Sally Hart | Founder of Clever Closet Company
Never again do you have to make a choice or worry about what website to build or how to build it. We have built your website and it’s ready to make it your own.
Pre-designed page layouts , sales landing pages and the worlds leading drag and drop editor mean you don’t have to understand code EVER. Included is our arsenal of over 100 simple to use features and tools to create the website your business needs to convert sales.
Your website even tells you when your SEO could be improved thanks to Yoast SEO which is also included and configured on your system.
Every website we build is built with the world greatest CRM WordPress. We took it one step further and made sure any self-development was a breeze by using Visual Composer for the best drag and drop experience available. The icecream is the Yoast SEO manager who is like your annoying SEO boss, always telling you how to improve, fix mistakes and rank higher 
To sell products and services online you will need an e-commerce solution. You need a robust system that is flexible, customization to suit your needs and is actively updated to keep your clients secure when shopping with you.
We are proud to offer you  a customised Woo-Commerce solution. One of the highest used shopping cart systems on earth. When you are running a business on WordPress there is no other option. It’s simply the best.
It’s important that you have complete flexibility over the types of products that you sell be they simple products, variable pricing products, digital download products, courses or even affiliate products. Within your eco-system is a state of the art e-commerce setup we would be proud to sell to anyone.
You’re checkout options are installed ready to go with credit card processing via your Stripe or Paypal account, direct debit payments are also configured. Other advanced configurations are available by installing the banking plugin of your choice if available or via customisation request.
Each System built with proven world class technology :
To successfully sell courses online you need a learning management platform that takes care of all the grunt work for you. The “right” L.M.S must have great flexibility , be feature rich and intuitive to keep the learning process fun and interactive for your students. Hard to navigate and frustrating LMS systems result in poor retention and unhappy clients.
Project33’s L.M.S helps visitors feel more trust towards you instantly through it’s professional configuration and easy to navigate student portal. It helps them succeed by tracking their progress and always returning them to where they left off.
Add your courses in via a logical, easy to use interface and always know where your students are up to via your university level administration tracking & reporting.
Included is the ability to on-board as many course creators and presenters as you wish, set and track commission agreements between them and your business and to top it off there is no ongoing costs with your LMS, once you buy it, you own it.
You can communicate to your students and co-presenters within the forums or direct messaging feature in the system.
Each System built with proven world class technology :
Affiliate networking is one of the most powerful plays you can make in online business. We are not talking about selling affiliate products like Click Bank but creating your own version where your network send traffic to you in return for a commission on the sale. Ultimately you become your own Click Bank.
We have seen 7 figure businesses built 100% off referral traffic meaning ZERO investment in advertising.
This method requires an extremely good product with all marketing collateral and communications complete.
Your ecosystem includes a configured affiliate tracking system so you can easily and effectively share links with your network if you choose to.
Each System built with proven world class technology :
Automation is becoming more and more normal to us as humans every day, the technology rise has given us tools to make our lives better and that’s exactly what it does. It’s simply a mind shift from “too hard basket” to “ok lets leverage” that means the difference between success and failure in this business landscape.
For Project33 Dotcom Disruptors partnered with one of the biggest automation systems in the world Active Campaign to bring you state of the art automation technology. But there is one difference. Most would say that these systems are pure email marketing or sales funnel tools (which they are and very good ones) but with us, it goes deeper. You will learn how we think of everyday tasks within our businesses that can be automated and think up amazing ways to use these systems to make us more efficient and successful.
Project33 systems come pre-integrated with your ecosystem. We have built sales landing pages, web pages, and gamified sales funnels exclusively for our clients. 90% Of the work is done you just have to make it your own under the guidance of our online course and automated assistants. Think of Clickfunnels on steroids.
Each System built with proven world class technology :

Your ecosystem has two analytics platforms installed and configured. Google analytics for deep diving information on your traffic such as sources, locations, page behavior, age, gender and material status of your visitors and the list would go on for another three pages. The Reason these are awesome is it takes the guess work out of making informed decisions about your business. And much more. You will enjoy learning things about your customers you may not have known already

Also included in the platform is an advanced woo commerce reporting tool ready to give you a much more detailed look at your sales performance than a regular woo commerce, break down by any metric possible SKU, Product, category, variable by day week, month, year and to top it off the system learns and will give you basic sales forecasts done in a neat and professional dashboard.

Each System built with proven world class technology :



You know when I started in this game it was 15 years ago, the internet was an entirely different thing than it is now. It is a beautiful incarnation of its former pixelated self, and the face of business is no different you know people were laughing at people that went all in on the internet and those people who laughed, got left behind.
The first E-commerce business we worked with was at a time that predated Paypal, and I don’t say this just to make myself feel old although that’s what it does, but to illustrate the body of knowledge that has gone into creating this product.
I regularly work with clients building their back of house systems and digital landscapes for very high ticket figures, but it doesn’t bring me anywhere near as much joy as helping those entering the digital economy for the first time, or those that are struggling with making all the pieces fit. Showing them a lower barrier to entry than thought previously possible.
My resume is not that of accolades but of relationships, the people that I work with have become my friends and partners over time. This is mainly because I see business as a trust building excursive and the lengths that I have gone to of my clients is not to indent them to me, but because your name is your reputation.
Project 33 is my 15 years of brow sweat, frustration and late nights filled with coffee and no sleep. It’s the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, but more importantly, it’s a testament to my passion for results.
When we leave this earth we want to leave knowing that we made some amount of difference in a positive way, and some part of me deep inside wants that to be felt on a larger scale then what’s possible if I continued to work with the established more dominant online forces.
What you need to know is this…..
When you buy project 33 you don’t buy a website, you buy a digital ecosystem that will not only improve your business but teach why I do things the way I do and how different choices have different impacts.
My amazing team and I have thought up about every possible scenario we could to produce the most amazing product on mass.
And if something arises that we haven’t addressed we will stand behind the product and make it so!
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